Web Site Statistics.

How many people have visited your site today?
How long did they stay on your site?
How many pages did they look at?
What key words are people using to get to your site?

A good web site statistics program will provide all this information and more, enabling you to see if your site is performing it’s objectives and highlighting any problems.

e.g. You have an online store selling pens and have 3000 visitors a day. 1000 of these visitor load up their shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. However 800 visitor abandon their carts at this stage. Why? it could be there is a problem with the check out process ..maybe it is time to re-evaluate the process design.

You can also use the information to evaluate the success of a particlar marketing campaign

e.g You place a print ad in an industry magazine directing visitors to a particular page…how many people are visiting that page and what actions are they taking?

Web statistic packages are valuable tools and are generally provided free with hosting acounts.

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