Corporate outsourcing of graphic and web design work

Over the last few years there has been a distinct trend for corporations to outsource elements of their businesses, everything from IT to payroll services. Graphic and web design services are no exception and we now have a number of these corporate outsource accounts in our client mix.

With these clients we provide the same creative services as if they had a full time employee and once we are up to speed with their brand and product offerings are able to respond to requests promptly.

Quite a bit of work this past month has been for our corporate clients and includes a logo redesign, business card design, the creation of a set of web banners, label creation, navigational improvements on a web site, web site updates and generation of a the look feel for web interfaces.

Our work is billed hourly and the clients are given weekly status reports on hours spent.

If you are a corporation looking to outsource your web and graphic design services we would welcome an opportunity to talk with you.

Outsourcing your web design projects

Over the years we have provided creative skills to a number of businesses by offering our services as an independent contractor. We have been contracted by web development, Internet marketing and IT companies, who,though experts in their own fields, know their limitations when it comes to web design and turn to us.

Outsourcing is a cost effective way for many companies to broaden their “skill set” and offer a convenient “one stop shop” for their clients.